Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Single parent is hard - choice and fate

Being a single parent is harder than I have thought.  It is not the actual tasks that burden me, but the constant worries about the well being and the future of the kids that torment my days.  Especially being the teenagers, they have a lot of freedom to do foolish or careless things, including wasting their precious time.

Y did not receive early admission to her dream univ, both of us are disappointed but we know it is a long shot. However, reflecting her performance, the academic ones are fine, obviously at or close to the top of her class. But attitude and behavior shows that she still have a lot to learn.  Her subpar essay to the piano competition, unwillingness to work with admission consultant, choose to have leisure and social activities instead of working on study or helping others, shockingly untidy room, especially her attitude toward any criticism.  I hope I have done a better job.  Maybe I should start today.

One simple question that we all, including the kids, have to answer "What do you to do with your free time?" will determine ones fate.  Is it

1. watching TV, playing video games, eat,   or
2. social with friends and playing with social network, or
3. practicing, studying and learning, or
4. help others?

how does one spread the time on the four items, seals her/his fate.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Carmel mission trial vs Eric missions

Carmel bay and the three Ls

Took a long walk along the Carmel mission trial park. Watching sunset. So peaceful and beautiful. But should this be the primary residence of mine?

The three Ls strife for,  love, learn and lead,  all should be involved with a lot of people. Living in a idellyic place is nice,  maybe once in a while, but might not be the primary life style. 

Time to move on soon. 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Strolling thru the campus

If there is an ideal place to live and work, it has to be a university.  It is healthy, energetic, open, interesting, engaging, good pay, respected and flexible. Many years ago I discussed with Diane de noriega, then prez of the univ, she concluded that tenured full professor is the best job on earth.  I guess it is.

I walk around the campus after class, great weather, not too crowded, the breeze and the sun is just right.  Went into library to have a cup of coffee and read a few magazines.   This is a 4 star resort that actually pays me.  Wow.  I am a lucky guy.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Sunday morning reflection

Sunday morning breakfast. Sunday early morning is the most relaxing time of the week. Just organized chaos of the dining table with breakfast, coffee, reading, technology and trusted lab yoyo. 

reflection is central part of learning. I guess blog is part of it. 

Sunday, October 04, 2015


2015 年,中國要建英國第一條高鐵
中山先生,中山先生,你看到了嗎 ?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

a fond memory - founding chair of School of Computing and Design

Wonderful 18 years!  Thanks to all the faculty, staff and students who fight the war with me in making SCD the most innovative academic institute in California! 

They are taking down the page, this is the last day the page is up.

Message from the School Founding Chairman

Dr. Eric Tao, Founding Chair and Professor, SCD Chair 2003-2015, School of Computing and Design at California State University Monterey Bay

The innovative, multi-discipline School of Computing and Design is founded in 2003* with a strong mission - change the world with advanced technologies. Each of our outstanding degree programs: B.S. Communication Design, B.S. Computer Science and Information Technology, M.S. Instructional Science and Technology, is committed to developing graduates who can apply state-of-the-art information technology to solve real world problems in a socially responsible way. In addition to the technical knowledge and skills they master, graduates of the School excel in communication, collaborative work and innovation.

Our programs are also leading the charge in the new era of technology education; our cutting-edge faculty excels both in research and education; our instruction integrates both timeless theoretical foundation and timely real-world skills.

Started at CSUMB campus almost 20 years ago, I established SCD in 2003 and a sister organization Institute for Innovation and Economic Development in 2009, I have opportunity to interact with most of our graduates and have observed them grow into well-rounded professionals over the years they studied in the School. I am confident that the unique education our students received make them a significant asset to any organization, especially in a business environment that is change driven and globally relevant. I personally select and mentor each of the faculty and staff in the School to assure that we keep the highest caliber talents in our classrooms, design studios and laboratories. Our track records of successful graduates and multimillion research funding and donation attest to the dedication and success of the School.

I encourage you to join the School of Computing and Design as either a student, faculty, staff, researcher, donor, advisory council member or industry sponsor and push forward the mission of making the world a better place via research, development, teaching and learning in the exciting fields of Computing and Design.

Dr. Eric Y. Tao
Professor and Founding Chairman
School of Computing and Design at
California State University Monterey Bay

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Too many balls in the air

Summer is offcially ending today.
It is an eventful summer, CSUMB, CALMAT, CalGE, BU and family all have events. I had a few trips that is semi-relexing.

2015-16 will be a busy year. So many projects, many of them that I have to drive.  That might be the problem - too many balls in the air. These shouldn't be a problem if there are partners to handle, but many projects need expertise and connections that I can't find one to help: English, Chinese, Technology and Silicon Valley and education.

  1. CSUMB Computer Science Online
  2. CSUMB Institute for Innovation and Economic Development
  3. BU acquisition
  4. BU recovering plan
  5. CALMAT degree design
  6. CALMAT mini MBA
  7. CalGE CodeCamp
  8. CalGE Global Executive Tranining

Plus all the household, kids, parents issues. I guess the book and biking training will have to wait.  I can handle 2.5, maybe 3 full time load.  But not four.  Some balls will drop.  Need diciplain and wisdom to decide what can be dropped.